Two strong brands, two successful ranges, working together as one.

Wineo combines the best of the established flooring brands WITEX and WINDMÖLLER FLOORING in one strong product line-up.

Although Wineo is a newly created name, Wineo bears the clear signature of proven brands, namely Wi as in Windmöller (Flooring) and Witex.

So,  it’s not really “artificial“ at all, but “neo” or new!

As Wineo utilises the reputation, experience and strength of the Windmöller family business (and the two established flooring brands), it also consciously pursues new avenues as a contemporary and end user-oriented brand.

The new brand is personal, accessible and friendly, and right at the heart of life.

Using “personal little real-life flooring stories“ Wineo highlights different perspectives for living spaces and provides fascinating insights into the flooring world. In doing so, Wineo adheres to an important realisation, namely that today’s living requires the right mixture of functionality and ambience.

When choosing flooring people are increasingly interested in whether the product or the brand suits their individual lifestyle and not just the functional aspects.

That is why we at Wineo don’t want to just supply any old flooring, but rather the basis or the stage for living.

And we call it the “Stage of life“!

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