About German Living Concept

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GLC is more than just a few furniture brands. It is a concept. It is an interactive design centre, a playground for soul and an ideal pitch for new style discovery.

GLC is focused on creating design and style environments that directly effects people’s lives.

The desire for limitless inspiration and the requirement for an impeccably detailed execution affects every item in our collection and reflect our dedication to make good design accessible to all.

Partnering with some of the best European brands enables us to offer our customers an incomparable selection of the most exquisite furnishing available, while GLC’s team manages the entire spectrum of our clients experience from selection to delivery, providing an unparalleled level of attention at each step.

Mission: To maintain a leadership role in bringing the best designs from around the world to our clients so that good designs can be a part of their lives.

Vision: To reshape the idea of what a living concept store can be.