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In 1922 Bernhard Thielemeyer founds a small carpentry shop in Westenholz. He relied completely on the production of furniture by hand – for every room in the home. During that time, most of the customers came from the local area.  The sales market expands throughout Germany as early as the 1930s.

After the Second World War the future of the carpentry shop went through a difficult period.  Bernhard Thielemeyer thinks over his previous concept. With a lot of dedication the purely manual production method is then converted to series furniture production in 1948. Besides an increased number of staff, it is also necessary to acquire some essential machinery. With the aid of motivated employees and the support of the family, this transition soon enjoys success with 3 factories in Germany.

Solid wood furniture is today considered to be an absolutely top-quality product. Interest in innovative design and natural materials is great. And that is exactly why Thielemeyer has become so successful: production procedures have been further improved in the recent past, new innovative technologies enable the highest levels of quality and increases in capacities.

Above all, problem-free manufacture of commissioned products is what makes Thielemeyer stand out here. And we are always setting new trends in the furniture industry by way of our many innovations which we present at regular intervals. Read More