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Kolekcja Mebli Klose sp. z o.o. operates within Klose Group.

It derives its name from its first owner Karl-Heinz Klose who established his furniture manufacturing and sales company under the name of Die Klose Kollektion GmbH 50 years ago, in 1958.

In 1992-1993, he acquired 3 furniture manufacturing plants with 100-year-old tradition of furniture making in Nowe, Czersk and Gościn (in the region of Pomerania Lakeland).

These plants are still strong manufacturing outposts for KLOSE products.

Currently Klose Group is represented by two sales companies and three manufacturing plants, operating together as a unit with complex, coherent logistics and common development goals in order to be able to provide the customer with high quality design and product based on cutting-edge solutions and technologies.

That is why KLOSE furniture is sold on all European markets.  Read more